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The book:
BERLIN WHAT? – Urban Art, Painting, Photography, Illustration and Collage by 102 Berlin-based artists. A book, an exhibition tour and a project full of lifeblood. The art scene´s fascination with Berlin is as strong as ever. The unique historical situation and the now legendary Berlin way of life continue to draw all stripes of creative types and artists to the German capital year after year. It is a place of desire, and the only constant is that it is always changing. This book is a collection of over five hundred works by 102 German and international artists unified by one thing: Berlin as their home base and creative inspiration. BERLIN WHAT? is both a book and an idea, as well as a basis for future exhibitions, art happenings and events with the artists represented in this edition.

Hardcover, 30 x 24 cm, 272 pages, approx. 550 partly full-page illustrations, bound, ISBN 978-3-942139-54-0

44flavours, Adam Admon, Aitch, Amos Fricke, Anastasia Coyto, Angela Mercedes Donna Otto, Ann Besier, Anne Michaux, Antonio Sobral, Björn Hegardt, Bronco, Christian Awe, Christian Manss, Christian Rothenhagen, Clemens Behr, Czarnobyl, DAG, Daniel Maria Thurau, Danielle De Picciotto, Danny Gretscher, Deenesh Ghyczy, El Bocho, Elisa Gomez Alvarez, EMESS, Enrico Nagel, Evelyn Hahn, Felix Gephart, Florian Bayer, Francesco d´Isa, Frank Machalowski, Frau Grau, Frederik Schulz, Galina Troizky, Gesa Glück, Golden Cosmos, Hara Katsiki, Herr Müller, Herr von Bias, Ink-a-zoid, Jäki Hildisch, Jan Feindt, Jim Avignon, John Reaktor, Jonathan Schmidt-Ott, Jorinna Scherle, Just, Karl Addison, Kata Lips, Kathleen Alisch, Katrin Rodegast, Kaveh Ossia, Kerstin zu Pan, Klub7, Lily Mae Martin, Low Bros, Lukas Feireiss, Marie-Lou Demeules, Martin Krusche, Matthias Gephart, Matthias Heiderich, Matthias Pilsz, Max Gärtner, Mentalgassi, Meyoko, Michael Kutschbach, Minon, Morten Andersen, Mymo, Nomad, Olaf Hajek, Oliver Rath, Oliver Wiegner, Paula Bogati, Peachbeach, Pisa73, Quintessenz, Robert G. Bartholot, Ryan Grees, Sabine Pieper, Sabine Schwarz, Saddo, Sebastian Haslauer, Sebastian Klug, Sebastian Neeb, Sebastian Schrader, Skizzomat, Stefan Fähler, Stefan Höderath, Stefanie Kabitzke, Steffi Lindner, Stephen Hiam, Stohead, Superblast, Sven Marquardt, Tim Dinter, Uli Knörzer, Various & Gould, VIP, Xoooox, Zeitguised, Zubin Zainal

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